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Verification Engine 2.7

Verification Engine is a web browser security and verification add-on
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COMODO Group Inc.

Verification Engine is a web browser security and verification add-on. Developed by Comodo, Verification Engine installs into your system and your installed web browsers. It verifies the websites that you visit and subtly informs you whether they have been verified by Comodo and deemed safe for you to visit. The application does so in a rather unorthodox fashion. Instead of displaying a red or green icon on your browser whenever a site is safe or not, it actually requires that you move your mouse over the websites main logo for it to verify and give you some feedback. So, let's use Google as an example: You move your mouse over the Google logo and your screen's borders turn green to tell you that the site has been verified and it is safe. There is also a notice on top saying "Verified by Comodo." That is great. But I know thousands of sites that do not have a logo like Google. Also, I have tried mousing over sites like Yahoo, Bing, MSN, etc., and none of them did anything. I am pretty sure those have to be verified. The bottom line is that this application could potentially be great for safe browsing, but it fails to implement a way of warning the user, or, rather, by having the user carry out the verification, it fails at making sure a verification is ever made. My point is that Verification Engine should be automatic and it should always display some sort of status update, even if it has nothing to say about the site.

José Fernández
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  • It could lead to rather safe browsing


  • Using a mouse over to see if a website is verified is not the best approach
  • Most sites are not verified
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